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Our Mission

Turn your dream into Adventure  

With a ​ custom D.rod in your hand.


 Respecting the waterways and fisheries is the foundation for our conservation of natural resources.

D.rods Adventures

We’ve loved every minute of our journey thru a Custom D.rod built for you.

The D.rod

D.rods are a custom built rod. Built for you the angler with a special need or want in a stix. These rods are not just sensitive- but ultra, not they are "nano" sensitive to very touch, thump, and jolt. Design of quality and excellent is built into every rod . 30  day build time.And the "SheepHearder "..WoW--what a powerhouse with finesse---Order now!! Not to early for the holidays...Ladies???

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The Fishing

The Crystal Coast of North Carolina- is your venue of excellent fishing for all levels for the angler. D.rods Adventure can give anglers a natural resource to fishing, second to none.